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"I have to tell you! ALL the parents at Anthony’s (11 yr old soccer athlete) game were asking what he is doing. He was all over the field and was so much faster and quicker than ever. He said he feels ’stronger’ and said: ‘Mom, I am going to Barry forever! The changes are amazing after JUST 3 SESSIONS! Thanks Barry!"

                                                                                                                                         Silvia DelCorso

" I just wanted to give your training program a little plug.  Last year when my daughter Bre was a junior I purchased your Training for Volleyball program.  Bre worked through the program religiously.  She had a great year and was named to the first team all state. This year I purchased your Volleyball Team Training program.  We added some of the exercises from that DVD to what we were already doing. This year Bre's high school team won the state title in class A defeating Reading Holy Name in the finals.  Bre was named Co MVP in the tourney.  Now, she only stands 5' 7 inches.  She dominated most of the taller kids that she played against.  

I just wanted to let you know that your program works and that Bre will be playing in college for someone and she plans to continue to use your program."

Bill Kochinsky

As a physical therapist and volleyball coach I understand the importance of training in a funtional and sport-specific way to prevent injury and maximize physcial performance. Barry's program does exactly that and in a way that makes it easy to implement into weekly practices. A great thing about the exercises is that you can train your athletes at any level with small modifications to make it challenging for everyone. I am extremely excited to incorporate Barry's circuit training into our practices this season and I know it will produce excellent results translating into better performance on the volleyball court.
Alicia Orlowski
Wiles Univ. Womens Head Volleyball Coach

"There isn't a fitness pro out there with more unique and fun ways to train then Barry Lovelace. From High School athletes to Professional athletes Barry knows how to help you reach your goals. And when it come to core training, NOBODY does it better. If you really want to improve your strength or sports performance than Barry's training program is for you. I highly suggest you follow Barry's training program if you are looking for results."

- Dave Soucy
Body Transformation Coach
Founder of Healthy Weight Inner Circle
Creator of the Body Transformation Course 2.0

Just after working out with Barry for three sessions I went to the batting cages for the first time in a few months. I felt amazing because I felt so much stronger and more powerful. Thanks Barry!

- Samantha Makey
Cedar Crest College Softball

“Thanks so much again for everything! It was great working with you.
I loved going to my workouts. It was great to see results almost immediately, and the exercises were exactly what I need to improve my game. I felt stronger, more agile, and my arm swing speed increased after only a few workouts. It was also great to see a difference in my muscle tone as well. Always exciting."

High School Senior
Division Two College Freshman 2011

"Nick is doing fantastic!  Coach told Frank and I last night, that he is by far the best back he has.  He is first player to complete the lap, before and after practice.  He is hitting hard, catching passes, and not fumbling the hand offs after just a few sessions with you. I could go on and on. Again, thanks for the training.”

Shelly,mother of Nick, athlete training client of Barry’s

'Since we spoke a couple of weeks ago...

Well, we won the LL State of Connecticut Volleyball Championships! First time in school history!

I am glad to say your training program has been incorporated into our pre-practice routine for the last two years. One of the comments that we received over and over is the strength of our servers and the strength of our blocking. THANKS BARRY!' 

-Rich Heitz

 Southington High School

 Southington, Ct

“I played Volleyball for 8 years, from youth league to Club and through High School  and now I'm coaching. Barry has been training me and members of my team one night a week for a few months now. I have noticed a change in my speed, jumping, and arm swing . I suffered back pain regularly before I started  the workouts. Since, I have had very limited back pain because of the  core strengthening that is in his program. I wish I had Barry as a trainer  back when I played! I also see big differences in my girls play; I see  harder hits, higher jumps, and all over better play. Barry has been a great asset to our club, with his positive and inspiring workouts".

Jen Buss 

Cross Court Coach 

"Playing volleyball competitively for 14 years I’ve been through many different training regimens. Now as a graduate assistant coach for Wilkes University, I recently had the opportunity to participate in Barry’s volleyball training circuits with a few of my players. For the first time, I walked away from a training session feeling like I couldn’t wait to do more. I am very excited for our season to start where we will apply Barry’s philosophy. I know we will see great results in all of the players and I plan to be doing the workouts with them."
Nikki Hahn
Assitant coach
Wikes Univ Womens volleyball

“The partner I work out with that has been controlling me for 3 years is now RUNNING from me! I am controlling him on our feet and my reaction is unreal. All of this after just 6 sessions!”

Ryan, Washington, NJ 



Here are just a few of my athlete training customers:


  • Rhodes College
  • Lincoln College 
  • Northern State University 
  • Bluffton University 
  • Hanover College 
  • Averett University 
  • Black Hills State University 
  • Enterprise Preparatory Academy
  • Copperas Cove High School 
  • Liga Municipal De Voleibol De Loreto
  • A.C., Carmel Catholic High School
  • Golden Horizons English and Volleyball School 
  • Grant High School
  • Allegany-Limestone School 
  • Springfield Blaze JO VB 
  • Magnum Force Volleyball Club 
  • Widdifield Secondary School 
  • Tunkhannock HS 
  • Get Real Girls Volleyball Club 
  • Hastings High School 
  • Rockdale County High School 
  • Saint Louis Fusion Volleyball 
  • Club Red Volleyball 
  • Southside Baptist Christian School 
  • East Dubuque High School 
  • Our Redeemer's Christian School 
  • Clarington Grizzlies Volleyball Academy