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 Notre Dame High School Volleyball Player Kristen Bettermann has 
drastically increased her Vertical Jump, Explosiveness and Overall Power with
the use of 'out of the box' training style created by Barry Lovelace.
Here she is performing one of the many ways to increase her vertical at the
Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy. 










Join the All-Area, All-State, All-American and Morning Call Players of The Year Who train here!



When a parent or coach decides to work with a Sports Performance specialist they want one thing and one thing only...RESULTS! Soccer, softball, volleyball and baseball players, swimmers and divers, wrestlers, gymnasts and irish step dancers are just a few who come to train here. The most common results they ALL see very quickly are EXPLOSIVENESS, POWER and Improved QUICKNESS & REACTION.  It is the amazing results and word of mouth from current athletes, parents and coaches that drive our business and have athletes from all over and of all ages and levels enjoying the benefits of training under the watchful eye of "5-TIME Lehigh Valley Trainer of the Year", Barry Lovelace. 




Along with 1st Step Reaction, Explosivenessand POWER our athletes see incredible changes in confidence. Many go from very introverted to outgoing and more of a team player as well as begin to have tons of confidence on their field of play. This all stems from their hard work and newfound strength as well as how they are treated at the academy. Our main concern is offering a very non-intimidating and safe environment for the athlete. Here, it's ALL ABOUT THE ATHLETE and NOT the trainer.



                 wrestling training lehigh valley pa

Pictured above: Rocky, a wrestler from Northampton, Pa, is working on creating explosive power from the bottom postition. ALL athletes at the academy not only work on strength & power, but they work on 'position and movement specific' exercises to drastically change their performance.




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Softball Player working hard!
Pictured above: 2015 All-State, All-Area (The Morning Call and and First-Team Colonial League catcher Kelsey Simpkins from Notre Dame High School performing one of the many exercises that helped go from average to All-State. She went from one of the slowest on her team in 2014 to out running infield hits in 2015. Focusing on the athlete and THEIR needs is what the Barry Lovelace Training Academy is ALL about. Change your game TODAY! Call 610-403-3220 to schedule your appointments and start your journey to a new improved and athletic you!


"My daughter is a varsity softball player. We were very fortunate to find Barry Lovelace. Not only has he improved her pop-time, but he has taken one of the slowest runners on the team and made her fast enough to out run an infield hit. Barry has an enjoyable personality and he makes Kelsey's training experience fun. We truly feel his facility is the best training facility around!"

~Lisa Simpkins
Mother of Kelsey Simpkins pictured above



         darian brickhouse parkland high school soccer


      Above Parkland High Shool and East Penn Conference All-Star Darian Brickhouse
      (#21) working hard on the field.




       3X Olympian Tayyiba Haneef-Park craves the
                     Barry Lovelace Workouts!



 tayyiba haneef park olympian barry lovelace




barry and tayyiba


Barry with 3X Olympian Tayyiba Haneef-Park during her visit and clinic they did together at Lehigh Valley Chrisitian High School that was attended by athletes and coaches from all over.



   The Athletes LOVE the training and Enjoy the Atmosphere



"Kate loves your training! She is seeing results after just six sessions! Last night at practice she was really happy with her performance. She is already hitting harder, is perfectly accurate when taking shots on goal, and feels overall much stronger - it's awesome!
Yvonne Siegfried
Mother of Senior High School Field Hockey Player



Athletes notice how STRONG and POWERFUL they become as soon as they start training at the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy. Parents and coaches notice the immediate changes in CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM as well. This is the added bonus they receive on top of improved sports performance.





    How do these athletes see such incredible results??


With the simple use of flexible bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, unstable surfaces, and many other out of the box pieces of equipment, owner Barry Lovelace creates unique and highly effective exercises that work to improve the athletic performance of the athlete, and the results come fast. The Academy athletes are constantly receiving comments on their drastic change in strength and power as they travel and play their sport.



                      TWO-TIME All American trains at the Academy!



"My setting has improved so much since I started training with Barry. My shoulders are a lot stronger and my reaction is much quicker to the ball now. My core is strong which allows movements on the court to be more fluid. Thanks Barry!"
Taylor Krause, Parkland High School
Two-Time All-American Setter
PIAA State AllTournament Team
Setter of the Year
All LVC and Distric 11
Committed to Penn State University



                                 We ARE different!



At the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy, workouts and exercises are designed for the individual athlete as there are no cookie cutter workouts here. Parents pay lots of money at some athlete training facilities to see their child wait in a line to do the exact same thing that everyone does, no matter their athletic ability, their sport or their position in their sport. NOT HERE! The training at the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy works because all exercises come from studying the movement patterns of the sport and then creating functional exercises based on those movements. Training this way not only creates athletic power and core strength, but prepares the athletes body for their sports specific demands.


   lyndsey iacobelli barry lovelace   


Above Parkland High School and committed West Chester volleyball player Lyndsey Iacobelli uses her quickness to react. She dedicates part of her success to the training she participates in at the academy.
"Barry has helped my team and I in ways I couldn't imagine. He has personally helped me with my speed, reaction time and core strength. I contribute much of my success as a volleyball player to him. Barry is one of the reason I am the player I am today"


basketball training lehigh valley


 Read what Haleys' parents have to say:



"Haley and I are amazed at how quickly she has seen results after just a few workouts and continues to improve after every training session. She is throwing and pitching with more POP on the ball and has really improved her quickness and athleticism due to her core strength. Haley is much stronger not only physically, but also mentally due to the confidence you have helped build. Your positive attitude and encouragement along with your sincere care for the athlete can’t be duplicated. We are firm believers in your training methods based on the results we have seen and will be signing up our younger daughter Madison to train with you as well"
Shawn & Cindy McClary



Our clients receive the BEST sports performance training delivered in a professional, enthusiastic and respectful way by sports performance specialist Barry Lovelace.  Athletes feel comfortable here and parents can relax in the waiting area after a hard days work. Athletes deserve and get nothing but respect from a caring professional who cares about one thing and one thing onlyTHE ATHLETE. You will not find a trainer screaming and yelling here. What you will find is a fun, energetic, motivating and caring atmosphere. That’s what the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy is all about – THE ATHLETE.





Endorsed by ESPN Coach of the Month
Wes Madrill!



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Call Barry @ 610-403-3220 to change your game!



Professional, college, Olympic and young elite athletes are using Barry’s training style to help them with Power, Quickness, Balance and Increasing Vertical Jump to get a leg up on their competition. No matter the age or level, you will drastically change your overall sports performance by training under the watchful eye of internationally recognized sports performance specialist Barry Lovelace, a Two-Time recipient of the Best of the Valley – Personal Trainer award as well as a member of Team Men’s Fitness.



It's all about results:




Known as ‘The King of Core’ and for his out of the box training style, Barry has become internationally recognized for creating powerful athletes, who drastically change their sports performance virtually overnight. Tens of thousands of athletes and coaches from all over the world use these techniques and are not only seeing results in their athletes performance, but are taking their teams level of play to new heights. Many creating champions!


About Barry:



athlete training lehigh valley pa

Hello and thank you for visiting the online home of The Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy. My name is Barry Lovelace and I have always had a passion for fitness. In 2003 when I was downsized this passion turned into a means of income.

Training athletes and helping clients of all ages is not a job. In fact I love this so much that you will hear me say, "I haven't worked since 2003!"

It is a true honor to not only work with athletes in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley, but to work with athletes all over the world who either buy my training products, attend camps or clinics or who I train privately. To see their smiling faces and happiness when their goals are achieved is PRICELESS!

"Train with a purposeful meaning" is my philosophy as well as, 'Question Traditional Wisdom'. Your son, daughter or team WILL train with a purposeful meaning. Whatever your sport, I am here to help.

All athletes are welcome! Any athlete, any age, any level. Increasing Power, Quickness & Reaction, Vertical Jump, Swing Speed and Improving Overall Sports Performance after just a few sessions is what you will get when you use this style of training.

No heavy weights, No unsafe movements, and No egotistical personal trainers. You will get someone who cares about YOU and YOUR results - PERIOD.

Women's Health, Men's Health and Men's Fitness are just a few of the media outlets where my exercises and tips have been featured.

I thank you again for visiting and I look forward to seeing you at the Academy one day soon.

In Good Health,




Are you looking for the best athlete training for your child? We believe you have found it by visiting us today and we look forward to hearing from you. For more information on how to get your child athlete started call 610-403-3220 or you can email Barry at


'Traditional Wisdom' is questioned daily which is how I come up with 'out of the box' exercises that have purpose for all athletes. Change the way you think about training by giving me a call.

Sports Performance training has changed in the last 10 years and fortunately I am on top of it. Let me help you reach your goals.

More about ‘Training 4 Your Sport’ and testimonials here 

Call Barry @ 610-403-3220 to change your game!



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