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Check out what Current and Former Athletes are saying about their experience and results here at the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy. 
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"I have felt a huge difference in all aspects of my game in all three sports. In basketball I feel a lot quicker and explosive going up for a rebound or shot. For baseball I feel a lot stronger in throwing  the ball and hitting farther. Football just started but I feel quicker and stronger when running the ball by being able to get away from tacklers and also being able to block the bigger kids. This has made a huge difference and I want to thank you for everything"

Griffin Patridge

Freshman - Central Catholic -  baseball, basketball and football player

"Since I've started training at the end of December I've noticed major differences in my abilities on the field.  I feel stronger and faster and way more confident in my fitness abilities, knowing I'll be able to run and play at my highest level without running out of energy.  Every week I feel that the training is paying off on the field.  When training with Barry, I know the reason behind every exercise and know how it's supposed to help me.  Almost every exercise is personalized to help me on the soccer field and make me more explosive.  The best part is I know every week I get to train in a fun and competitive environment where I'll get pushed to train at my very best.  I can't wait to feel and see the changes I undergo from training with Barry through the summer entering into my senior year of high school soccer."
Brooke Schutter

Parkland High School Soccer – All Area, EPC All-Star, All-State

"I had a great experience working with Barry Lovelace.  After only a few sessions I could already feel a difference in my explosiveness.  My coaches even commented on my increased strength.  I loved the variety of exercises that challenged me each session.  My confidence is up, and I look forward to my next group of sessions. 

Thanks Barry!"


Ali Gallo

Junior - Northampton HS Girls Soccer

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"I am really feeling the changes in my speed, strength and acceleration. Defense for basketball seems a lot quicker and I’m able to be down with the big boys without getting pushed around. For baseball, my leg strength from the push off the mound is a lot better, increasing my velocity and pop to the ball. Football hasn’t started yet but I’m sure I have made tremendous changes to my game. Thank you for everything. I am really feeling changes to my game"

Zach Rodgers

8th Grade Baseball, Basketball and Football Athlete

My daughter is a varsity softball catcher. We were so fortunate to find Barry Lovelace. Not only has he improved my daughters pop time, but he has taken one of the slower runners on the team and making her fast enough to run out an infield hit. Barry has an enjoyable personality and makes my daughters training experiences fun. His facility is the best training facility around! 

Lisa Simpkins

Mother of Kelsey – Notre Dame Catcher Kelsey Simpkins (featured on the website)

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“I reached out to Barry asking for any last minute help he could give me as my track and field season was coming to an end. Penn State Behrend’s DIII Conference Championship meet was just around the corner and I was not improving in the long jump. Barry shared a few workouts that would increase my jumping ability. I started the workouts with a few of my teammates and not only did I have the biggest jump of my track career, I also went home with 7 All-Conference medals and a team championship. I set new personal records in all of the events I competed in and could not have done it without Barry’s workouts. He has helped me become a very successful athlete starting when I was a 6 years old gymnast winning many state titles. All the training has carried over to my college career as well”, states Piger.

Kati Piger

Penn State – Behrend College


"I started training with Barry just 2 months ago and I already feel stronger and have noticed a big change in my body. My diving coach even commented about my increased height off the diving board and faster rotations. With Barry's motivation and encouragement, I have more confidence than I have ever had before."


Kaitlyn Smykowski

Diver - Parkland High School

25th Place National Championships



Maria has improved so much since she started training with Barry. She has become much stronger and she has improved her core strength significantly. The most awesome improvement I’ve seen is in her confidence. It shows on the court. She loves coming to training. The atmosphere is awesome. No pressure and she feels very comfortable. Your positive attitude and encouraging manner keeps her excited and always looking forward to the next training session. 


Tracey Saccani

Mother of Maria Saccani – Central Catholics softball/basketball

“I was so much faster this weekend! I have no idea where it came from, but I was so much faster! I ran out a bunt and have never outran a bunt!’


Emma Ossiander

Info from when she started as a 7th grader. Currently a freshman at Central Catholic - Softball

I have been going to Barry’s for two months now and I have seen tremendous improvement in my overall power and strength. I am a competitive Level 10 gymnast and I came to Barry for work on my power and muscle endurance. I began to notice changes within the first 4-5 sessions! My coaches are noticing my power and my skills are becoming cleaner and easier to perform. You can see the difference in the height of my tumbling from when I first went as compared to now. The difference is incredible! Working with Barry has been a pleasure and while the workouts can be tough, they really make a difference. I feel the success I’ve seen is because Barry is spectacular and I love the positive environment he has created in his gym. I would recommend Barry to anyone wanting to build any skill set for any sport.

His extensive knowledge about sports, activity and the body are all backed by this athlete’s success.   


Montana Muller

Level 10 Force Gymnast

“Barry's training has helped me improve my strength and quickness. I have had basketball coaches tell me how much quicker I look while playing during my games. I always enjoy going to training and look forward to it during the week”

Mia Coval

Parkland Field Hockey / Basketball

"Barry is an amazing trainer. He trains our daughter who is a field hockey and softball player. Our daughter worked with him through the high school field hockey team this year. She said mom I feel so much stronger and quicker working out with Barry. She begged us to let her do sessions with him to help her prepare for softball. We decided to try Barry out and saw amazing results. She is definitely stronger, quicker and more explosive of a player. She wanted to do this to take her game to the next level and it is definitely helping her do that. Barry is very knowledgeable about training and he is very easy to talk with. He also is extremely positive. He not only helps them physically become better, but he also helps them psychologically. He pumps them up with positivity. It drives the kids to do more and try harder every session. Safety is definitely one of his concerns. He doesn’t have the kids do any exercises that could injure themselves. He also works muscles to help prevent injuries during the season. He is very invested in helping his athletes succeed and it shows in how well our daughter is developing"


Rebecca Hagemes

Mother of Ana Yeager – Parkland High School Softball and Field Hockey

“Barry's training has greatly improved my strength, especially in my legs. The training has also helped my quickness, which has helped my on the ball defense improve. I have become much more explosive and an all around better athlete. I enjoy and look forward to going to the training each week.”


Keeley Coval

Parkland High school and Stevens Institute of Technology Basketball

“As an athlete who has trained with various trainers in the past I must say that Barry Lovelace’s workouts have benefited me the most with no problems or pain afterwards. He targets the muscles that need to be worked on to help elevate my game. My AAU coach has commented on how physically conditioned I have been during my games. My confidence, speed, strength and endurance have improved greatly. I notice I can definitely jump higher with ease and both my offensive and defensive game have both improved. I am also extremely happy to have a trainer with a positive attitude. He is mainly concerned about me as an individual. He then works on my performance as a basketball and soccer player. I feel I can just be Linnaea who gives her 120% without any negativity. I feel comfortable in his gym and am treated with respect and dignity. I obtained great results and feel good during and after my workouts”


Linnaea Leister

1000 Point Scorer - Palmerton Girls Basketball / Soccer

These are just a few of the hundreds of amazing testimonials compiled over the last 18 plus years. They are all real and very true. 

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